We provide assistance and involvement to the degree you require.  Whether you are looking for consultation and advisement, or a full-scale custom expedition, we can help.



World War II History Tour

  • Length: 12 Days
  • Countries Included: UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria

Discover Churchill's secret war rooms and relive the horrors of D-Day through the eyes and stories of veterans while standing on famous Omaha Beach. Stroll through the forests of the Battle of the Bulge and see what the real "Band of Brothers" had to endure.

This tour lets' World War II come to life and will give you a close up look of what it was like to be living and fighting in Europe during the biggest human catastrophe of the 20th century.


Art & Architecture Tour

  • Length: 13 Days
  • Countries Included: Italy, France, Spain

Explore the ancient Rome and it's fabulous architectural master pieces. Enjoy a boat ride through the famous Grand Canal of Venice and it's stunning renaissance paintings. Marvel at Picasso's and Chagall's Artwork in Nice and Monaco and discover Gaudi's "modernista" movement and his world famous buildings in the streets of Barcelona.

This tour will take you through an architectural and artistic time travel from ancient to modern European culture. 


Germany and Eastern Europe

  • Length: 9 Days
  • Countries Included: Germany,  Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary

Wander through the streets of some of eastern Europe's most beautiful cities and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Berlin. Learn about the atrocities committed by the Nazis in Poland and discover the caves of Budapest.

This tour spans a bridge between the beauty and culture of eastern Europe and the horrors of fascism and the communist regime, which happened here during the last century.