We provide assistance and involvement to the degree you require.  Whether you are looking for consultation and advisement, or a full-scale custom expedition, we can help.


Discover India

Length: 14 Days                                                                                                                                                                                      Activities: Cultural Immersion, White Water Rafting, Sightseeing
Curricular Ties: Ecological Awareness, Sociology, Risk Management Training

On this trip, prepare to jump out of your comfort zone and into a whole new world.  You spend time learning the cultural norms of India, the local and global impact of the country’s waste epidemic, and the skills of critical decision making in an adrenaline pumping environment.  You will see many of the landscapes India has to offer and enjoy the rich cuisine.  The unique opportunity of a private trip on a river’s edge will be an experience to share for a lifetime.



Length: 12 Days
Activities: Sea Kayaking, Whale Watching, Dog Sledding
Curricular Ties: Fur Industry , Rare Flora & Fauna, Global Warming’s Impact, Economy of an Isolated Island

There are few places left in the world as undisturbed as Greenland.  With the proper equipment and planning, the snow and ice here can be navigated to illuminate its beauty.  On this expedition-style trip, you will kayak around glaciers and through fjords, and explore the remote inland areas by sled to gaze at the Northern Lights.  


New Zealand

Length: 15 Days
Activities: Canyoning, Rafting, Hiking, Cycling, Paragliding, Livestock Farming
Curricular Ties: Maori Culture, Colonialism, Impact of Non-native Agriculture, Orienteering

This bus based trip around the small country of New Zealand incorporates it’s beauty, history, and economy in a way that embraces the spirit of the people - adventurous.  You will travel throughout both the more densely populated, culturally rich North Island, as well as the quiet and geologically diverse South Island.