Length: 12 Days


  • Sea Kayaking
  • Whale Watching
  • Dog Sledding

Curricular Ties:

  • Fur Industry: Global versus Local
  • Rare Flora & Fauna
  • Global Warming’s Impact
  • Economy of an Isolated Island

Day 1


You will meet your guide team in the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik where we will board a plane to Greenland. You will be met with gracious Inuit hospitality and a dinner of traditional Greenlandic dishes. If you are lucky, you will already enjoy the Aurora the first evening!


Day 2


During your first full day, you will encounter the birthplace of some of the biggest Icebergs of the North Atlantic. Your full day snowshoe trek will take you along the famous and beautiful Icefjord, where you can see and experience the impact of climate change first hand. Your local guide will point out some dramatic changes in the landscape and processes that create icebergs. It is an unforgettable experience, and no class room could keep up.



After some training with your Musher and getting to know the dogs, you will take a dog sled ride along the stunning fjords and glaciers to a cosy remote mountain hut. Here you will spend the night enjoying dinner cooked over a fire while gazing at the Northern Lights




You will have to rely on the help of your dogs to get back to civilisation. After a hot shower to warm up, you will have the afternoon free to explore the shoreline of the so called "Disco Bay" or to go on a hike. Keep your eyes peeled for old whale bones left behind by whale hunters from the past centuries.



You will board a boat for a whale watching tour this morning. You will get a lesson on behavior patterns and challenges for the local whale population. Many factors play into the wellbeing of the friendly giants, including climate. You will get the opportunity to speak to local Inuits about the balance between traditions and environmental protection. In the evening you will fly to the southern town of Qaqortoq.




Qaqortoq, the biggest town of southern Greenland, will offer you the opportunity to learn everything about Inuit culture, seal hunting and fur trading. Greenland's economy is very unique and volatile, and has been effected in many ways by international politics. This will be exemplified by the greenlandic government-owned fur company, which you will visit in the morning. The afternoon will give you the time to explore the peninsula of Qarqortoq by foot.



You will embark on a three day self-supported kayak expedition. The group will be responsible for cooking their own meals and choosing the best campsites. You will leave Qarqortoq towards the south and find your route among thousands of little islands.




You will continue further south towards your goal of some natural hotsprings. The chance that you will encounter some whales along the way is very high. Countless photo opportunities will invite you along the way to take your time and not to rush.



The last day of kayaking will bring you to the final destination of the natural hot springs on a remote peninsula. Once you set up camp in the evening, it is time to rest and enjoy the warm water and watch the sunset over the ocean.



DAY 10


After the last night in your tent, you and all your gear will be picked up helicopter.  The 30 minute flight will give you an amazing view point to see the expanse of the Greenland iceshield, the second biggest after Antartica. You can explore the old American Airforce bace of Narsarsuaq before boarding a plane to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland's main international airport.

DAY 11


Kangerlussuaq is home to Greenlands longest road which will take you to the inland iceshield. The feeling of standing on top of this huge water reservoir will make you feel small. Don't forget your sunglasses and  sunscreen. Tonight you will have one last dinner of traditional Greenlandic seafood.


DAY 12

It's time to say goodbye as you board a plane back to Reykjavik.